The joint venture will accelerate development in IoT technologies, assist government agencies with digital transformation and establish an International footprint

Today, Urban SDK and SourceFuse announced that it is forming a Smart City Technology joint venture applying IoT, geolocation data, and predictive analytics to urban innovation. Today, they also announced the release of Urban SDK’s location data platform, Smart Sync, that combines leading IoT data collection practices with predictive analytics to connect smart city technologies. The venture provides transportation, logistics, civil engineering, and real estate organizations with analytics tools to turn location and device data into an asset.

“We’re connecting digital intelligence to existing urban systems to transform disparate data, connect applications, and put real-time, transparent information into the hands of users to help them make better choices,” said Justin Dennis, Co-Founder of Urban SDK.

“Partnering with Urban SDK was a natural fit for us, we immediately recognized a like-minded ambition and focus on community improvement through technology. This partnership will allow us both to turn insights and logic into action, to immediately benefit local communities and organizations. Translating a client’s vision into game-changing products is what we do and this is a perfect example”, said Kelly Dyer, CEO of SourceFuse.

With its widely successful record of identifying new technologies and delivering tailored solutions to globally recognized brands, SourceFuse is well-positioned to bring unparalleled expertise and an international footprint to this joint venture.

Urban SDK, best known for commuter traffic pattern and transit data visual analytics, is being used by the North Florida TPO to develop a Congestion and Mobility Intelligence Platform enabling it to more effectively manage transportation infrastructure and plan services throughout our region.

“Our product, Smart Sync, is currently leveraged by public transportation organizations, civil engineers and logistics companies for performance management and data collection practices to impact business intelligence and innovation. While our focus is currently centered on transportation and civil engineering, we have set our sights on bringing innovative solutions to all forms of government, utilities and commercial real estate”, said Drew Messer, Co-Founder of Urban SDK

In a 2018 report “Smart Cities: Digital Solutions for a More Livable Future,” shared by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), a study from assessing 60 smart city applications and 50 smart cities worldwide identifies the potential for smart cities to save lives, reduce crime, shorten commutes, improve health and enhance the environment.

The report recommends that cities which desire to become more livable:

  • Combine smart technologies and planning with asset development to get the most out of the system.
  • Embrace an open system approach to support innovation and investment.
  • Put people at the center of everything, and use technology to unite the city.
  • Add the skills and create the latitude to innovate across city agencies.
  • Get cybersmart to prepare for new types of privacy and security risks.

The accelerating pace of new transportation options such as bikeshare, connected vehicles, and autonomous vehicles requires civil planning, government, utilities, and transit organizations to prepare for the next generation of mobility and community services. The city of the future will be connected by real-time data and automated intelligence to power best-in-class services.

About Urban SDK

Urban SDK enables Location Intelligence for Mobility Planning, Logistics Optimization, Site Planning, and Geo Marketing. Urban SDK’s location data platform, Smart Sync, combines leading data collection practices with performance measurement analytics to impact your organization's next innovation.

Smart Sync streamlines collecting proprietary and third-party data to predict performance outcomes and automate business task workflow. Urban SDK helps customers derive data for business intelligence from internal and third-party applications, consumer devices, bluetooth sensors, wifi networks, security cameras and connected vehicles across the globe.

About SourceFuse

SourceFuse has been building digital ideas, processes, and products for the last 13 years. Headquartered in Neptune Beach, with 3 additional offices globally (London, Delhi, and Chandigarh) we are the leading Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner in the Southeast. We are a globally-blended team with leadership, design, and development in every office.

Our ability to support customer needs through flexible and scalable Product Team configurations is unmatched. Our scalable Product Team configurations and agile methodology are proven to effectively deliver custom Web, Mobile, Software, Cloud, IoT, and Digitally Transformative business results.

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Memphis Area Transit Authority

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Urban SDK helps Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) automate corridor performance, traffic, and safety analysis with real-time IoT, connected vehicle, and traffic incident data.

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