Senior UI Frontend Developer


About the job

UrbanSDK is a modern data analytics and machine learning company working in the exciting "smart city" space. We are a high-growth, venture backed analytics company focused on delivering great data, tools, applications and solutions that allow modern cities to operate with greater efficiency and insight.


As a Sr UI developer you’ll work closely with the product management,design lead, and API developer to develop new features for our web based analytics application. You will create and ship highly performing, reusable components to enhance and add new features monthly. You’ll be responsible for leading UX and making larger technical choices (frameworks, package delivery), to implementation (building and documenting individual components).

You are expected to be familiar with developing web and mobile applications with Typescript React, Vue, HTML, CSS, and somewhat comfortable in DevOps tools and concepts, testing frameworks, PostgreSQL and SQL. You will be expected to have led or strongly participated in the software as a service product teams, including requirements gathering, designing, testing and CI/CD pipeline delivery. We're a small team releasing new features every month.


  1. Manage reliability for production, staging, test and development environments for our applications.
  2. Establish and maintain testing procedures and reliability process
  3. Manage SRE stack (Selenium, Ansible, and Spinnaker etc)
  4. Resolved and Develop tickets for product development team in Gitlab
  5. Certify bi-weekly sprint releases
  6. Build automation by creating tools using Python or bash
  7. Provide metrics to improve the stability, security, efficiency and scalability of systems
  8. Determine future needs for capacity and investigate new products and/or features


  • Experience working in a front end or full-stack development role, in a saas or software product oriented company.
  • Experience working with modern Javascript.
  • An understanding or interest in analytics, machine learning and/or statistics.
  • Strong attention to detail and a passion for doing it right the first time.
  • Strong communications skills in a remote environment
  • Experience with microservices architecture and container orchestration such as Kubernetes, Docker or other container orchestration framework
  • The ability to design, author, and release code in languages like React
  • Experience in database technologies - MongoDB, PostGreSQL
  • Understanding of web applications, modern browsers, standard networking protocols, and building components

Previous experience working with remote teams preferred. This is an excellent opportunity to work for a funded startup on the ground floor.

Fantastic perks: Lengthy paid vacation to relax and recharge, flexible working options, commuter benefits, medical, vision and dental insurance.

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