Congestion & Mobility Analytics

Urban SDK helps the North Florida TPO automate the Congestion and Mobility Plan (CMP) and 200+ performance indicators with an index of regional mobility, connected vehicle, economic, infrastructure and real-time congestion data.

Case Study: North Florida TPO

Urban SDK provides congestion and mobility analytics for metropolitan planning organizations, civil engineers, and local governments. Metropolitan planning organizations can automate 200+ performance measures from an index of complex roadway and mobility data.

What was the problem?

The congestion management process is a long, arduous, expensive research project requiring hundreds of staff and consulting hours to develop and implement performance measures as an integrated part of the metropolitan transportation planning process.

What was the solution?

We focused on the next wave of IoT and connected vehicles, data interoperability, performance measure dashboards, and automation workflow to ensure the CMP could become a real-time asset for the North Florida TPO and MPOs globally.

What is the value?

The CMP is now a real-time tool to ensuring investment decisions are made with a clear focus on desired outcomes. This approach involves predictive analytics for screening strategies using objective criteria and relying on system performance data, analysis, and evaluation.

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Trip Planning & Congestion

Index normalized traffic counts, vehicle travel speeds, and travel time reliability.

Roadway, Sidewalks, Bridges

Access critical infrastructure information like roadway, bridges, sidewalks and bike lanes.

Buildings & Land Use

Index zones, parcels and land information for research, planning and analysis.

Places & Demographics

Index points of interest and population details like demographics, education, income, and preferences.

Utilization & Accessibility

Get accurate counts, conditions, and forecasting of local mobility systems quality and quantity indicators.

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