Connected Vehicles Platform

Connect real-time signal status information to vehicles on roadway systems.

Smart Sync integrates dedicated short range communications to connected vehicle technologies for real-time messaging an analytics.

Connect, Analyze, and Measure with Smart Sync

Immediately broadcast priority information to drivers through Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) Transit,
Emergency Vehicle, Truck, and Connected Vehicle systems.
REDUCE Fatalities

Connects dedicated short range communication systems to vehicles to providing crash detection notifications.

Protect Pedestrians

Integrate pedestrian and cyclist detectors to alert vehicles of the presence of pedestrians, cyclists, and crosswalks.


Measure and report stop and go traffic performance to analyze your impact on greenhouse gas emissions.


Streamline connected vehicle data across systems to share travel, intersection, and emergency data.

Powering connected communities with
Manage Services

We align technology with your goals to accelerate innovation.

Our services help public leaders connect, analyze, and achieve new standards of mobility, safety, and sustainability.

We partner with public leaders to align technology and analytics to impact community connectivity, mobility, and sustainability performance.


We implement cloud solutions and infrastructure to support government transportation, mobility, and safety programs to connect city of the future.


We deploy and manage cross-platform solutions with a network of partners to enable agile, flexible, data integration to scale cost effective programs quickly.

data science

Get predictive, faster with a team of resources to complement performance measurement programs without changing the way you operate.