Data collaboration for
your smart city

Foster collaboration and interoperability across devices, systems, and departmental
silos with a data exchange platform designed for public agencies.

Open data management

  • Verified data sources
  • Data governance
  • Public web portals
  • Public API

Traffic & Mobility

Access historical and real-time traffic, congestion, and mobility data from navigation apps, fleet vehicles, transit schedules and more.


Gather statistical data relating to geographic specific population, census tracts, income, vehicles per home, and more.

Connected Vehicles

Study trips, origin-destination, vehicle speed, and travel time reliability from aggregate data from connected vehicles and automotive telematic sources.

Weather Conditions

Import historical and real-time weather conditions into analysis and predictive models to understand the impact of mother nature on your system.

Real Estate and Points of Interest

Index real estate, POI, employer location, and permits to monitor and simulate impacts on your business objectives or transportation system.

Smart Transportation Platforms

Integrate leading smart transportation platforms such as street lights, edge networks, video cameras, public transit, and next generation payments.

Federal agencies

Access public data faster with one pipeline to federal, national, state, city and local open data platforms.

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Memphis Area Transit Authority

"A lot of our current information is siloed across the organization. We’re excited that Urban SDK can help us report standard transit data, ridership statistics, and other key performance measurements. The benefit is that it saves us time and provides a useful way to harness current available technology that will help us report data more efficiently"

Director of Planning and Scheduling

North Florida TPO

Urban SDK provides us visibility, analytics and predictive intelligence on our local and regional roadways through sensors, traffic systems and vendor technology deployments. This allows us to configure and analyze disparate data for road safety and better transportation services.

Executive Director