Visualize real-time street level data

  • Real-time visualization
  • Access on any device
  • Publish publicly with style
  • No code or implementation

Visualize data, on any device

Access our predictive analytics, display, and analyze geospatial data in beautiful base maps across web, mobile, and any device.

Real-time analytics

Fast, compelling visualizations of geospatial data to enable interactivity for working in teams, across large and hot datasets.

Location intelligence

Gain insights from location data and deliver business outcomes with powerful geospatial analysis tool

Access new datasets for deeper analysis

Combine your data with new datasets from our data exchange to ask bigger questions, make better decisions, faster.

Share progress and goals publicly

Easily publish any dashboard publicly for 24/7 accessible reporting, transparent public communication, and sharing data between agencies or stakeholders.

Connect with 140+ data sources

We provide the easiest way to connect to the new era of mobility, connected vehicles, and consumer services to enhance your data with a rich marketplace of datasources.


Get actionable insights from spatial data

Join the movement

See how predictive analytics, data visualization, and 140+ data source can impact your city.


Why Urban SDK?

Smart city experience

Our mission is to improve quality of life for citizens through IoT technology, innovative policy, and data transparency. We work with mobility managers, planners, analysts, automakers, engineers, and policy makers to take civic hacking to the next level.

High quality data sources

Our platform is founded in an open data management framework to enable large scale data analysis and transparency. Expand your ability to innovate and lead data driven transformation with streaming datasets and increased interoperability.

Advanced algorithms

We provide the industry's most robust exchange of mobility, transit, safety, planning and socioeconomic data coupled with analytics and deep learning models to visualize performance measures in real-time, with less resources.

Memphis Area Transit Authority

"A lot of our current information is siloed across the organization. We’re excited that Urban SDK can help us report standard transit data, ridership statistics, and other key performance measurements. The benefit is that it saves us time and provides a useful way to harness current available technology that will help us report data more efficiently"

Director of Planning and Scheduling

North Florida TPO

Urban SDK provides us visibility, analytics and predictive intelligence on our local and regional roadways through sensors, traffic systems and vendor technology deployments. This allows us to configure and analyze disparate data for road safety and better transportation services.

Executive Director