Infrastructure Asset Management

Create a network of your key infrastructure assets with IoT capabilities.

Smart Sync connects key assets from devices, sensors, and systems in monitor performance, measure holistically, and create alerts before they happen.

Connect, Analyze, and Measure with Smart Sync

Monitor and assess key infrastructure assets to reduce maintenance costs and reduce critical failure.
IoT Network

Smart Sync creates an IoT network between your key assets from sensors and devices deployed on critical infrastructure to monitor performance and signs of failure.

reduce maintenance

Enable city officials to make informed decisions about maintenance and long-term planning for future of infrastructure assets in order to eliminate excessive maintenance costs.

Reduce critical Failure

Smart Sync catalogs incoming data from deployed sensors in order to notify officials of infrastructure strain surpassing specified thresholds of safety.

Powering connected communities with
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We align technology with your goals to accelerate innovation.

Our services help public leaders connect, analyze, and achieve new standards of mobility, safety, and sustainability.

We partner with public leaders to align technology and analytics to impact community connectivity, mobility, and sustainability performance.


We implement cloud solutions and infrastructure to support government transportation, mobility, and safety programs to connect city of the future.


We deploy and manage cross-platform solutions with a network of partners to enable agile, flexible, data integration to scale cost effective programs quickly.

data science

Get predictive, faster with a team of resources to complement performance measurement programs without changing the way you operate.