Open Data for Connecting Community

Connect data silos and share insights with your community safely.

Our open data framework enables public leaders to engage their community and partners with a new standard for transparency.

Secure, Streamline, and Share Data

Open Data  provides a streamlined data service and content management for more transparent governments.
Geospatial Data

Create, customize, and publish maps of community services, projects, or research using geospatial data.

Public SAftey Data

Index, track, and promote important public safety data around policing, traffic fatalities, and alerts.

Transit Data

Streamline transit data to improve mobility, trip-planning, ridership, and innovation.

EconomIC Data

Publish transparent insights of your community's economy including income, tourism, and real estate.

Community Developers

Engage your community with open data

Open Data empowers public leaders to provide data, tools, and resources to their community and partners to conduct research, develop web and mobile applications, design data visualizations, and more.
Public PortaL

Make your data discoverable and presentable publicly in a rich collection of data sets, making it a valuable and easily searchable  community website.


Document developer information about APIs, open source projects, and relevant  resources for your community. Enable participants to register and innovate.

common Data Service

Establish a common data service to allow data to be integrated from multiple sources then be used as structured data in application development.

Publish DATA

Easily publish, manage, and share news with an intuitive web interface for publishers to refine datasets and share announcements with your community.

Powering connected communities with