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Our Data Hub gives you access to geocoded data for dashboards, maps and modeling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On the fence? Need answers? These might help!
How do I get started?
It's easy! Fill out a form or call our Sales Team. They will help you set up  an account so you can manage your data and visualizations today!
I already use Esri for my maps.
Most of our customers are very familiar with Esri. They switched to Urban SDK because we're easier to use and more robust.
I already have the data I need.
That's great! Upload it into Studio and create a data story out of it. If there are still gaps, use our data to supplement
How do you validate your data?
Our data is enriched to ensure federal compliance. Reach out and we'll give you a white paper on our methodology.
Where do you get your data from?
We integrate with hundreds of data sources. We can also integrate with your custom data if desired.
I didn't see my industry listed under who you serve.
We talk with new sectors everyday. Odds are, if you've made it this far, we can provide value. Let's talk!

Here's what our customers say

"With the old data I used, it took me 3-4 weeks to create a client presentation. With Urban SDK, I created the presentation in 1 week."
-Brandon Orr
Transportation Planning Lead, TMIG | TYLI
"The money we've saved with Urban SDK allows up to create a wider range of planning studies."
-Jeff Sheffield
Executive Director, North Florida TPO

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