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We're excited to announce the release of our newest dashboard to help mobility managers visualize bike, scooter, and ride share programs. We'll be going through the release live to demo how you can analyze O/D, business performance, track trips, and predict demand.

Urban SDK Team
Who's it for?
Mobility execs, managers, planners, and analysts

Manage micro-transit, scooters, bikes, shape policy, and predict demand

We're excited to announce our newest dashboard to support mobility managers and operators with predictive analytics, geospatial data analysis, and performance measures. We'll be going through the release live to demo on a live stream and we hope you can make it!

Bikeshare Trip Data for Origin Destination, Performance Measures, and Mapping

As more cities globally prepare to add new public micro-mobility and ride hailing services, we are getting them ready to understand how they can take advantage of open mobility data and predictive analytics.

Our webinar will help practitioners prepare to utilize micro-mobility and ride hailing data in decision making around street design, curb management, and regulatory enforcement. As well as demonstrate how our blend of mobility and socioeconomic datasets can help you answer questions like

  • How many people use our bike share program?
  • How many people use our bike share program?
  • When do they use our bike share program?
  • What are our expected revenues?
  • Why do people choose micro-mobility? 
  • What parts of our city are greatest/least impacted?
  • Where is our most popular checkout/return kiosk? 
  • How can we predict demand or ROI?
  • Where are riders going?

As well as automate critical mobility planning and performance measures such as:

  • Origin/destination
  • Ridership
  • Revenue
  • Safety
  • Maintenance
  • Costs
  • Equitable Access

Our team will speak with leading micro-mobility service operators, practitioners, and policy makers on the things to think about before you launch and consider such topics as open data concepts and standards, specifications like the emerging Mobility Data Specification, and mobility data management projects.

Participants will also gain hands-on experience with Urban SDK cutting-edge mobility analytics and software tools for visualizing and leveraging mobility data.


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