Index datasets for real-time response and performance based planning needs to align with open data standards for robust workflow, application integration, and data sharing.


Access an extensive global data exchange of modern, real-time data sources for ITS devices, weather, rideshare, carriers, consumer apps, local, state, and federal open datasets.


Intuitive web-based tools that help urban planners, policy makers, citizens and executives quickly identify insights, monitor trends, and make better decisions.


Data is available via developer API or integrated with a open data platform to share and report publicly across your organization, city, region, state, or country.

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Urban SDK provides a robust software as a service platform to streamline data,
decision making, and planning with modern user experience and predictive analytics tools.


Eliminate data silos and visualize real-time and annual integrated data trends for traffic, speed, transit, safety, and reliability across connected vehicles, sensors, facilities, video, CAD, GIS, and ITS in an easy-to-use online platform.

Share the reports and maps publicly on the web.


Quickly setup speed, congestion, reliability and safety dashboard templates or configure dashboards from a library of measures for real-time, historic or predictive monitoring.

Leverage machine learning to improve traffic safety, congestion, and impacts on well-being.

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Make performance based decisions from reliable data and publish reports easily to replace manual studies.

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We're working with leaders in cities of every size to improve quality of life
with predictive insights, data interoperability, and process automation.

Congestion & Mobility Analytics

North Florida TPO

North Florida TPO automates the Congestion and Mobility Plan (CMP) and 200+ performance indicators with an index of regional mobility, connected vehicle, economic, infrastructure and real-time congestion data.

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Streamlining Transit Data for Performance

Memphis Area Transit Authority

Memphis Area Transit Authority streamlines business and mobility data for performance analytics to improve operations, increase ridership, customer satisfaction and automate NTD reporting.

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Automating Corridor Analysis and Traffic Studies

Florida Department of Transportation

Urban SDK helps Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) automate corridor performance, traffic, and safety analysis with real-time IoT, connected vehicle, and traffic incident data.

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