Traffic Ops

Make data-driven decisions in real-time. Streamline data from ITS devices, vehicles, sensors and mobile providers in a single location.

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Streamline data
Index and normalize performance indicators from hundreds of telemetry and IoT data sources.
Predict performance
Configure scoreboards, maps, and tables from a library of predictive performance metrics.
Automate reporting
Automate reporting and quickly share data-driven decisions internally or with the public.

A real-time traffic management
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A more efficient way to serve the public. Urban SDK’s powerful analytics platform enables transportation professionals of all levels to access real-time speed and volumes, forecast incidents and crashes, and report daily performance.

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Performance Indicators
Track performance, visualize real-time and historical insights, and automate analysis.


Maps & Geocoding
Instantly map geospatial data for speed, reliability, incidents, crashes and traffic events.


Data Management
Simplify data management with data tables organized for review, analysis and easy export.

Speed & Reliability

Powerful data and analytics designed to index speed data and help you visualize travel reliability indicators with ease. Quickly identify congestion and track vehicle speeds without any additional infrastructure.

  •   Current speeds
  •   Congestion & Bottle Necks
  •   Travel Time Reliability

Volume & Traffic Counts

On-demand traffic data from connected vehicles and mobile devices. Index vehicle, bike, pedestrian, and fleet trip data to visualize quantity and quality indicators.

  •   AADT
  •   Trips
  •   Trucks and Autos
  •   Bike & Ped

Incidents & Safety

Powerful data tools to track, analyze and predict crashes, incidents, and response times. Keep roads safe by knowing where and when incidents will occur.

  •   Predictive Hotspots & Reporting
  •   Current speeds
  •   Response Times

Simplify data management

Manage a data exchange for
connected mobility

We make it easy to access datasets from your applications, systems and third-party data in the cloud.

Streamline databases, historical datasets, and your local GIS

We import and normalize your historical data and GIS files for localized and consistent analytics, maps and reporting.

Integrate and connect with leading third-party ITS and data providers

With our Developer API and existing integrations, we can integrate data across multiple, complex ITS systems.

Vehicle Telemetry
Speed, trips, trip distances, turing, and traffic counts.
Pedestrian Telemetry
Walking, biking, crossings, and footfall densities.
Roadway Sensors
Traffic speed, volume, travel times, origin destination.
Real-time, forecasts and archive weather.
Traffic Signals
Signal phasing, ATSPMs, CCTV, Bottle Necks
Public Transit
Routes, stops, ridership, performance, mode choice.
Modal Infrastructure
Roadway, bridges, assets, ports, and airports.
Historical Imports
Federal, state, local and agency specific data imports.
Points of Interest
Places, points of interest, housing and land use.