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Reliable data in one place

Optimize government data management for evidence-building activities and public consumption to make critical decisions about operations, policy, and regulations, and gain visibility across multiple systems in one place.

  • Connected vehicles
  • Navigation apps
  • Census & housing
  • CCTV & sensors
  • Safety
  • Labor & economics

Accurate analysis in real-time

Automate performance based planning data collection, analysis, and reporting with pre-configured analytics to make decisions based on the most accurate, up to date information and predictive forecasts.

  • Congestion
  • Travel time
  • Traffic counts
  • Transit, bike and ped
  • Corridor analysis
  • Origin / destination

Open & transparent decision-making

Shift away from low-value activities toward actions that will support decision makers publicly link spending to program outputs, delivering on mission, and promoting civic engagement and transparency.

  • Custom scorecards
  • Goal forecasting
  • Data export & sharing
  • Open data portals
  • Predictive analysis
  • Unlimited users

Connect with the most accurate datasets

No surveys required

We replace expensive public surveys and manual data collection with real-time and connected datasets that metropolitan, transit, and mobility planners rely on to program effectively.

Plug and play

We help you make smarter decisions for safety, infrastructure condition, congestion, system reliability, emissions, and freight movement to over 100+ data sources ready anytime, anywhere.

Clean data, instantly

Our connected datasets are available in your dashboard or via developer API to enable reliable, repeatable analysis across government silos and state lines in less time.

Memphis Area Transit Authority

"A lot of our current information is siloed across the organization. We’re excited that Urban SDK can help us report standard transit data, ridership statistics, and other key performance measurements. The benefit is that it saves us time and provides a useful way to harness current available technology that will help us report data more efficiently"

Director of Planning and Scheduling

North Florida TPO

Urban SDK provides us visibility, analytics and predictive intelligence on our local and regional roadways through sensors, traffic systems and vendor technology deployments. This allows us to configure and analyze disparate data for road safety and better transportation services.

Executive Director

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