Identify traffic and safety issues in less time

Visualize every road, device, and work zone using Urban SDK's traffic management software.

Urban SDK Traffic Calming Software
Trusted by state and local governments

Traffic solutions for smart cities

Our traffic management software delivers speeds and roadway characteristics on all your local roads.

Use Urban SDK to quickly respond to public speeding complaints, prioritize street safety, and measure the effectiveness of traffic calming measures.


Public Complaints

Faster response to speeding complaints.


Automatically identify at-risk roadways.

Road Safety Planning

Safety planning with speeds and crashes on one map.


Congestion Management

Monitor travel time reliability  with connected vehicle data.

Key features

Urban SDK’s traffic management solution was designed to save public officials time while also providing the ability to deploy resources with greater efficiency.

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Off-the-shelf traffic data, analytics, and reporting
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Proactively monitor local roads and identify issues
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Quickly customize and share reports
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Import all your project data to the cloud
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See how public sector leaders
succeed with Urban SDK.

urban sdk city partnership
Traffic Calming

Bear Valley Community Services District Partners with Urban SDK to Address Traffic Issues

BVCSD will use Urban SDK to ensure the safety on critical roadways throughout the community.

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urban sdk city partnership
Traffic Calming

City of College Station Partners with Urban SDK to Bolster Traffic Calming

College Station will leverage Urban SDK's traffic management platform to enhance its traffic calming program

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urban sdk city partnership
Traffic Calming

Urban SDK Partners with Town of Erie, Colorado to Enhance Traffic Calming Measures

Urban SDK and the Town of Erie, Colorado partner to ensure the efficiency of traffic calming measures.

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See how it works

Monitor every road with hourly data in our traffic management software.

UrbanSDK Traffic
Identify road safety issues
Quickly monitor the state of all local roads

Use connected vehicle data to quickly assess the condition of all your local roads, and proactively address any speeding, and safety concerns.

Traffic Analytics
Analyze congestion trends
Faster analytics for better analysis

View historical trends as you decide which traffic management solutions are best for the areas in question. Access important metrics, like 85% speeds, on-demand.

Traffic Reporting
Customized reporting
Data for speed, safety, and congestion reporting

Whether it’s pedestrian safety solutions or traffic calming measures, customize reports that will deliver the answers you need to engineer safer streets.

Urban SDK Workspace
Better collaboration
One platform for your team to access

Run your entire traffic calming program through Urban SDK’s traffic management software — from the first complaint to implementation studies to reporting to council members.


"Very timely service with an easy to use interface"

What we like most about Urban SDK is the ability to rapidly respond to issues and the graphic display of data.

Tom S., Cartersville , GA
(5 / 5 Rating)
Traffic Calming Catersville Bartow
Download traffic data on any road anytime
Speed up data collection and supplement your hard counts with on-demand mobility data.

Traffic Speed

DowNload SaMPLE
Hourly traffic speed data and metrics from vehicle telematic and GPS data sources on all your roads.
85% Percentile
95% Percentile
Average Speed
Speed Limits

Travel Time & Reliability

DowNload SaMPLE
Daily, Monthly travel time and reliability data with congestion metrics from vehicle telematic and GPS data sources on all your roads.
Travel Time
Travel Time Index
Planning Time Index
Peak Periods

Traffic Volume

DowNload SaMPLE
Expand permanent traffic counts with vehicle telematic and GPS data sources to map annual traffic volumes estimates on local roads.
Segment Volumes
Annual Comparisons

Road Inventory

DowNload SaMPLE
Global TMC based linear referencing to geocode road characteristics and inventory to improve accuracy.
Lane Segments
Custom Routes
Speed Limits

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