Predict needs and performance

Advanced algorithms automate reporting and predict future needs for ridership, safety, parking, or utilities from a library of performance measures. Pull together dashboards with critical metrics across many systems without code.

Visualize insights in real-time

Drill down into route, corridor, parking lot or street level data with ease. Our visual analytics allow managers, analysts, and engineers to investigate and integrate large-scale geospatial data sets.

Pull all your data into one place

View all of your regional data in one place so you can spend less time checking systems and creating reports and start using real-time insights. Transform aggregated data sources to make operations smarter and decisions even faster.

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Lead your city's digital transformation

Breakdown silos and enhance collaboration with a shared data studio to create, edit, share and manage your growing datasets. We make it easy to link up multiple agencies, vendors, and programs under one data management plan.

Mobility & Transit

Easily integrate population, safety, traffic, weather, event, and transportation data.


Access transit data from vehicles to ridership for studies and long range plans.

Policy Makers

Lead your city or regional digital transformation with evidence-based policies.

Public Safety

Create safer streets with more access to transportation data and safety trends.

Streamline 140+ data sources

Want to enrich your datasets in real-time from a growing ecosystem? Learn how we can connect you with leading smart city companies and datasets.


Memphis Area Transit Authority

"A lot of our current information is siloed across the organization. We’re excited that Urban SDK can help us report standard transit data, ridership statistics, and other key performance measurements. The benefit is that it saves us time and provides a useful way to harness current available technology that will help us report data more efficiently"

Director of Planning and Scheduling

North Florida TPO

Urban SDK provides us visibility, analytics and predictive intelligence on our local and regional roadways through sensors, traffic systems and vendor technology deployments. This allows us to configure and analyze disparate data for road safety and better transportation services.

Executive Director