Identify traffic calming improvements

Use Urban SDK to quickly assess the roads in your jurisdiction. Validate citizen concerns, determine a roadway’s eligibility, and then measure the lasting impact, and impact radius, of all your traffic calming measures.

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Traffic calming
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Urban SDK’s platform is the only software designed to benefit traffic engineers during every step of the traffic calming process.

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Quickly respond to citizen speeding complaints
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Immediately determine if a road falls within the traffic calming parameters
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Supplement hard counts with connected vehicle data to eliminate unnecessary collections
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Focus your priorities on the streets that have speed and safety issues
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Save time,target hotspots
and address citizen requests

Traffic Calming Software

Quickly respond to speeding complaints

Urban SDK gives you the ability to immediately diagnose a roadway, and provide concerned citizens with an analysis of the street in question.

Select a road, region or Census tract

Urban SDK provides customers with data on all local roads in their jurisdiction. If you know the Census tract of the roads being reported on, you can drill down to that level. You can also view all streets inside your county, city, or jurisdiction.

Compare monthly trends

Hard counts only deliver a snapshot in time. Urban SDK benefits engineers by enabling them to choose a certain month to study. This provides more holistic reporting, and eliminates outliers such as special events and seasonal trends, such as the school calendar.

Build reports using historical data

Every Urban SDK account comes with a minimum of 13 months of historical traffic speed data, with the option to have more months if needed. Adjust months of your report as needed, whether it's the most recent month or a specific time from when a complaint was filed.

Search by points of interest

Review traffic speed data by searching for a specific road name or address. From there, you can click on any road to load the link report. This speeds up your calming operations by being able to immediately pinpoint areas of concern for quicker analysis

Pull insights on specific road segments

A benefit of using Urban SDK’s speed traffic data is that you can view the street where calming measures have been implemented, as well as all the tangential roads and road segments — providing a complete view of how streets have been impacted.

Review traffic speed reports

Select roads and segments to open a Traffic Speed Link Report. The report contains a roadway analysis that lets you view 85% speed data on road classes 1-7 within the municipal boundary, and track hourly average and percentile speeds.

Share and export

Save reports to your Workspace so any member of your organization can access it. Export report charts and traffic speed data files from any report you create. Re-open reports to adjust the month for ongoing traffic calming implementation analysis.


With Urban SDK, we have become more efficient.

They have allowed us to establish our priorities and figure out the best use of funding.

Jeff S., North Florida TPO
(5 / 5 Rating)
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Reducing Speeds on Local Roads

Evaluating speeding related concerns in a two-square-mile study area located in Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Traffic analytics

One system of record to monitor your local roads

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Traffic Speed Features

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85% Speed

Speed at or below 85 percent of drivers travel on the roadway segment.
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95% Speed

Speed at or below 95 percent of drivers travel on the roadway segment.
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Average Speed

The mean rate of speed on the roadway segment.
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Traffic Volumes

Annual average daily traffic estimates based on connected vehicle data and permanent traffic counts.
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Lane Segments

Road geometry and characteristics like speed limit, road length, and functional class.
Speed Data

Speed Categories

Calculations of a roadway's speed limit or free flow of traffic when no posted speed limit is available.

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