Identify and mitigate congestion

Urban SDK's congestion analysis provides you with a comprehensive reporting tool to analyze speeds and travel times from connected vehicle data.

Trusted by state and local governments

Identify congestion
in less time

Urban SDK’s platform is the only software designed to help traffic engineers and planners identify congestion on any road.

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Identify congested road segments monthly
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Get one-click congestion analysis on any road
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Create congestion reports and share online
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Compare monthly trends with historical data
Traffic TTI Data

Improve your level of service and prioritize projects with better data

Travel Time Index

See any road in your  city or county

Urban SDK gives you the ability to immediately diagnose a roadway with connected vehicle data and congestion performance metrics.

Monitor road segments or routes

Urban SDK provides customers with data on all local roads in their jurisdiction. Drill down by road name, functional class, census tract or lane segment.

Compare trends over time

Hard counts only deliver a snapshot in time. Urban SDK hourly data helps you to compare date ranges and hourly periods. Easily assess trends and eliminate outliers like special events, seasonal trends, or the school calendar.

Build reports using historical data

Every Urban SDK account comes with a minimum of 13 months of historical traffic data, with the option to add additional months if needed.

Search by road or address

Review traffic data by searching for a specific road name or address to speed up your operations  and immediately pinpoint areas of concern for quicker analysis.

Create custom routes for studies

Urban SDK’s location builder allows you to report on specific segments or even the broader census tract — providing a complete view of how nearby streets are impacted.

Save reports to your Workspace

Save reports your whole team can access. Workspace is one central platform for traffic management data and analytics. Save files, reports, maps and dashboards for any project.

Share and export

Export report charts and geocoded data files from any report you create.

Publish reports  to your organization's website for public access.


With Urban SDK, we have become more efficient.

They have allowed us to establish our priorities and figure out the best use of funding.

Jeff S., North Florida TPO
(5 / 5 Rating)
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Tracking historical travel times to identify peak and offseason movement trends in Longboat Key, Florida

Travel Time Index
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Roadway Event Analysis for Florida DOT

How Florida DOT uses enriched data for traffic speeds, roadway volumes, collisions, and incidents to monitor roadways across the state

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Traffic analytics

One system of record to monitor your local roads

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Congestion Management Features

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85% Speed

Speed at or below 85 percent of drivers travel on the roadway segment.
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95% Speed

Speed at or below 95 percent of drivers travel on the roadway segment.
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Average Speed

The mean rate of speed on the roadway segment.
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Travel Time

The mean time of travel on the roadway segment in minutes.
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Planning Time

The ratio of the 95th percent peak period travel time to the free flow travel time.
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Lane Segments

Road geometry and characteristics like Speed Limit, Length, Functional Class.

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