Autonomous mobility runs on data analytics

Get the analytics tools you need to enable and optimize safe driverless mobility and on-demand solutions.
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Data, visualization, and GIS tools

Fleet managers and public transit agencies need a new set of business intelligence tools for autonomous mobility and driverless transportation.
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Traffic management system of record

Platform Features

Our traffic management software delivers speeds and roadway characteristics on all your local roads. Use Urban SDK to quickly respond to public speeding complaints, prioritize street safety, and measure the effectiveness of traffic calming measures.

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Traffic Data

Access an index of connected vehicle and mobile device location data.

Automate Analysis

One-click road link analytics and trend analysis reporting of traffic conditions.

Import Files

Import and enrich your internal data to improve accuracy and expand insights.
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Customize Routes

Create custom routes of specific lane segments to monitor High Crash Corridors and post-implementation.

Share Data & Reports

Export report charts and geocoded data files. Share links to any report you create.

Data Management

Consolidate all your traffic data. Upload crash data and other roadway data to layer into custom reports.

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