Improve traffic issues with data and analytics

Urban SDK provides traffic engineers with connected vehicle data to monitor local roads and analyze traffic patterns related to speeding, safety, and congestion.

Trusted by state and local governments

The future of traffic management

Urban SDK provides a system of record for all your traffic data, as well as an end-to-end platform to run traffic ops and planning. Our traffic analytics software gives you the ability to:

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Identify issues to get the most out of your budget
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Supplement data collection with connected vehicles
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Quickly create roadway analysis and share insights
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Integrate systems, files, and teams in the cloud
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We provide a system of record to automate analysis and standardize connected vehicle data.

Cities can respond faster, with better data and the right analytics tools.

Urban SDK Traffic Calming Software
Build Reports
Filter Roads and Dates
Toggle Data Layers
Standardize Data
Hourly Traffic Data
Import Your Files
Geocode Crashes
Automate Analysis
Download Data
Publish Report
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See how it works

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Visualize traffic conditions on every road

Urban SDK provides customers with hourly and historical data on all local roads in their jurisdiction. Drill down by road name, functional class, census tract or lane segment.

Connected vehicle data network

Automate data collection from a network of connected vehicle data on all local roads.

Supplement your hard counts with 85%, 95%, free flow speeds, and expanded traffic volumes.

Search for roads and points of interest

Review traffic speed data by searching for a specific road name or address. From there, click on any road to load the link report. Search by census tract or address to locate a specific roadway or road segment. View adjacent roads on a GIS map to gain a holistic view of the area.

Build reports using hourly data

Hard counts only deliver a snapshot in time. Urban SDK enables traffic engineers to choose a specific month to study. This provides more holistic reporting, and eliminates outliers such as special events and seasonal trends, such as the school calendar.

Pull insights on specific road segments

Click on any road segment to load the link report. Immediately reduce time responding to complaints, validating issues, and providing traffic planning studies.

Simplify reporting and analysis

Use dynamic maps and dashboards to explain your reporting to council members and the community at large. Print PDFs of your reports to share at council meetings. Embed maps and dashboards on your website to increase public engagement.

Manage traffic data in one place

Consolidate all your traffic systems and data sources in Urban SDK’s Data Hub. Integrate devices, upload crash data and other roadway datasets to save on server costs, and make all your data readily accessible for your entire department.

Share your work

Save reports to your Workspace so any member of your organization can access it.

Export report charts and geocoded data files from any report you create.

Publish reports to share links and embed in your public website.


With Urban SDK, we have become more efficient.

They have allowed us to establish our priorities and figure out the best use of funding.

Jeff S., North Florida TPO
(5 / 5 Rating)
Traffic analytics & DATA SCIENCE

One system of record for transportation data analysis

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Traffic Management & GIS Features


Traffic Conditions Data

Access an index of connected vehicle and mobile device location data.

One-click Reporting

Automate reporting and assessments to save time on traffic studies and project prioritization.
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Dashboards & Maps

Import GIS data, create custom dashboards, maps and share links online in minutes.
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Track Routes and Work Zones

Create custom routes for lane segment analysis and work zone management.

Publish a Portfolio

Publish reports, dashboards, maps and files to your website or on a branded portfolio.

Data Management

Make your whole team more productive by storing all project files and data in one place.

Traffic solutions for smart cities

Our traffic management software delivers speeds and roadway characteristics on all your local roads.

Use Urban SDK to quickly respond to public speeding complaints, prioritize street safety, and measure the effectiveness of traffic calming measures.


Public Complaints

Faster response to speeding complaints.


Automatically identify at-risk roadways.

Road Safety Planning

Safety planning with speeds and crashes on one map.


Congestion Management

Monitor travel time reliability  with connected vehicle data.

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