Roadway characteristics data

Use Urban SDK's roadway characteristics data and linear referencing system to improve traffic information, GIS and location accuracy.

Leverage satellite imagery and GPS data to improve roadway inventory and facility characteristics.

Trusted by state and local governments

What's included in our roadway data?

Get a quarterly index of roadway inventory and lane segments for all roads.

Traffic speed data is essential for traffic calming, travel time and delay, roadway level of stress, and safety studies.

Data points include:

  • Boundaries: State, county, census tract boundaries.
  • Functional Class: Roadway functional class ID.
  • Name: Common road name.
  • Speed Categories: Posted and estimated speed limits.
  • Road Segmentation:  Roadway Segment, length and polygon geometry in well known format.
  • Road Lanes: Directional roadway lanes with segment ID, posted speed limit, length and widths polygon geometry in well known format.
  • Road Geometry: Road segment polygon in well known format.
  • Sidewalk: Sidewalk length, widths and polygon geometry in well known format.
  • Bike Lane: Bike Lane length, widths and polygon geometry in well known format.
  • On-Street Parking: Geocoded road segment polygon in well known format.

Frequently asked questions:

We acquire GPS data from satellite, vehicle telematics, and connected vehicle sources. Our data is the same as used by the FHWA The National Performance Management Research Data Set (NPMRDS) Source.

We are happy to validate our dataset against ground truth or centerline files.

Urban SDK Insights traffic speed analytics provides you with a comprehensive linear referencing system to improve accuracy of location information on all roads.

Users can access data by searching a location or road name in our Insights reporting tools for easy visualization, export to Urban SDK GIS Studio or download.

Urban SDK Insights accounts will have a minimum of 13 months historical data from the day a new account is created.

Urban SDK can provide historical backfills upon request.

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Traffic management system of record

Platform Features

Our traffic management software delivers speeds and roadway characteristics on all your local roads. Use Urban SDK to quickly respond to public speeding complaints, prioritize street safety, and measure the effectiveness of traffic calming measures.

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Traffic Data

Access an index of connected vehicle and mobile device location data.

Automate Analysis

One-click road link analytics and trend analysis reporting of traffic conditions.

Import Files

Import and enrich your internal data to improve accuracy and expand insights.
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Customize Routes

Create custom routes of specific lane segments to monitor High Crash Corridors and post-implementation.

Share Data & Reports

Export report charts and geocoded data files. Share links to any report you create.

Data Management

Consolidate all your traffic data. Upload crash data and other roadway data to layer into custom reports.

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Speed up data collection and supplement your hard counts with on-demand mobility data.
Traffic Speed Data

Traffic Speed

DowNload SaMPLE
Hourly traffic speed data and metrics from vehicle telematic and GPS data sources on all your roads.
85% Percentile
95% Percentile
Average Speed
Speed Limits
Travel Time Data

Travel Time & Reliability

DowNload SaMPLE
Daily, Monthly travel time and reliability data with congestion metrics from vehicle telematic and GPS data sources on all your roads.
Travel Time
Travel Time Index
Planning Time Index
Peak Periods
Traffic Volume Data

Traffic Volume

DowNload SaMPLE
Expand permanent traffic counts with vehicle telematic and GPS data sources to map annual traffic volumes estimates on local roads.
Segment Volumes
Annual Comparisons

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