We're connecting the community with IoT to improve quality of life.

Our goal is to help community leaders align internet of things technology and analytics with community goals.

We believe the future of our cities will require sustainable planning leveraging predictive analytics, open data, and creative solutions for the common good.

We're a product company first.

Our products help you streamline IoT data collection, predictive analytics, automation and community engagement.

Mobility Planning

Unlock data, connect devices, and create analytics across the IoT.

Open Data

Connect data silos and share insights with your community safely.

Manage Services

We align technology with your goals to accelerate innovation.

Our services help public leaders connect, analyze, and achieve new standards of mobility, safety, and sustainability.

We partner with public leaders to align technology and analytics to impact community connectivity, mobility, and sustainability performance.


We implement cloud solutions and infrastructure to support government transportation, mobility, and safety programs to connect city of the future.


We deploy and manage cross-platform solutions with a network of partners to enable agile, flexible, data integration to scale cost effective programs quickly.

data science

Get predictive, faster with a team of resources to complement performance measurement programs without changing the way you operate.


Our team is a unique blend of  enterprise software and public leadership.

Drew Newell

Drew  serves as our engineering leader with a deep background in analytics and engineering.

Justin Dennis

Justin serves as our product leader overseeing development and technical partnerships.

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