Platform Updates - April 2022

Jonathan Bass
November 17, 2023

New product enhancements, features, and updates from Urban SDK for April 2022.

April's software enhancement, Release 1.2.0, is here and we're thrilled to share what our team has been working on!

Below are enhancements we've made to our Insights and Studio products, along with a few bug fixes.

Let’s dive right in.


We have added a new Fatality Analysis product. This allows you to visualize FARS (Fatality Analysis Reporting System) data regarding fatal injuries suffered in motor vehicle crashes.‍

As part of this release, we've rolled out Speed & Reliability data from the HERE network. This will enable you to see Average Speed and Travel Time Reliability data. If your location isn’t available yet, it will be in the future.

We've also updated product types, names, and descriptions to help you more efficiently locate and understand the data you are looking for.

New fatality analysis product


A BETA version of a new Legend has been added to Studio. Enhancements to the legend provide you with more control over units, layers, and colors for datasets.

You can now also add map info for saved reports. This allows you to quickly see the title and description for a map when reviewing reports or taking screenshots.

BETA legend now available in Studio

Bug Fixes

Below is a catalog of the bugs we fixed during this release:

  • Fixed an issue causing some Data Hub download links to not work properly.
  • Fixed an issue causing studio maps to un-publish automatically for some users.
  • Fixed an issue causing some onboarding videos to not have sound.
  • Fixed an issue causing some routes to be missing from the route filters in Speed and Reliability.

Have an enhancement request? Drop our team a note here.

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