Florida DOT - District 2
Case Study

Real-Time Performance Measures

Florida DOT - District 2

Project Overview

In an effort to streamline consistency, increase the speed of access to future data visualization, and make cost-effective choices, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District 2 has partnered with Urban SDK to license a platform of real-time performance measures. Through our work with FDOT District 2, we have provided a configurable analytics tool to automate corridor analysis, standardize performance measures reporting, and streamline statewide data visualization.

By automating performance measures and analysis with access to an accurate, extensive global data exchange for traffic, safety, weather, ride-share, carriers, and consumer apps, as well as local, state, and federal open datasets, Urban SDK eliminated FDOT’s need for data silos. We also created a real-time index of integrated data.This allowed for automation of performance measure analysis and reporting to optimize services.


Simplified data management

Eliminate data silos to create a real-time index of integrated data for predictive analytics

Integration of services

Connect data across mobility service providers and transportation IoT

Optimization of performance measures

Automate performance measure analysis and reporting to optimize services

Travel patterns

Index real-time traffic counts, safety, transit ridership, and travel speeds on arterials

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