Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Case Study

Safety Analytics and Data Platform for Performance Management

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

Project Overview

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) has committed to increasing the efficiency, accuracy, and capabilities of its patrol officers by leveraging a larger collection of data and analytics. Using the Urban SDK platform has enabled JSO to conduct daily road safety planning with greater frequency. JSO has also improved incident response times while focusing on preventative measures for road and pedestrian crashes.

The data presented and consolidated by Urban SDK has helped officials make data-driven decisions and identify the planning priorities within the city.

JSO is also able to utilize Urban SDK when publishing dynamic maps and dashboards, assisting its communication to constituents and related governing agencies. These enable officials to modify their roadway patrolling behavior and officer positioning.


Data processing and cleaning

Indexing and normalizing historical safety data to improve linear referencing

Traffic crash reporting

Monitoring safety incidents throughout the region by zones and corridors

Tracking events and safety measures

Using a configurable analytics dashboard to perform granular analysis on state roads, arterials, and connectors

Predictive safety analytics

Indexing crash rates, crash risk, and top hot spots for daily and monthly review

Sending daily safety emails

Communicating daily crash reports and predictive safety analytics

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