Accelerate location intelligence

Urban SDK is a next generation smart mobility platform connecting city & transportation planners to the reliable data sources they need to accelerate more confident decisions every day.

Why are we here

Enhance your data confidence to accelerate location intelligence,
improve decision quality and unlock a higher quality of life for your community.

The problem:

Urban planning cannot scale to take advantage of the emerging data we need to improve decision confidence and unlock better city and transportation policy and budgeting outcomes for our communities.

Our solution:

Our platform simplifies how  leaders collect and use more reliable data to accelerate decisions, improve services and deliver outcomes that improve trust without the need to increase financial and talent resources.

Meet Our Team

We're a technology team for connected cities.

Urban planning has changed and so too have the professionals.

Our investors
Drew Messer
Co-founder, CEO
Justin Dennis
Co-founder, CTO
Chris Warren
Director of Revenue and Policy
Evan Glazer
Lead Engineer
James Neyer
Data Engineer
Jonathan Bass
Director of Marketing
Mani Sai Kandukuri
Sr. Data Engineer
Pat McNair
Tim Tharp
Director of Engineering
Ashley Thomas
Manager of Customer Engagement and Success
Daniel Nilsson-Cole
Data Engineer
Jason Jiang
Sr. UI Developer
Seth Hill
Data Analyst
Lindsay White
UI Developer
Kyle Ward
Data Engineer
Mohsen Kamrani
Data Scientist

Want to join us?

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