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Get the location data and analytics tools you need to monitor your locations and identify the best options for your next location.
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Site monitoring and selection made easy

Leverage aggregated location data to analyze your locations, your competitors locations and find new opportunities.

Make smarter real estate decisions with machine learning.

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"With Urban SDK, we have become more efficient. They have allowed us to establish our priorities and figure out the best use of funding."
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"What you guys have done for performance measures and the dashboards looks the best out of everything [we] have seen ... We have a good plan and vision and you guys have great ideas."
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"With the old data I used, it took me 3-4 weeks to create a presentation. I will be able to do 3-4x the work with your data [platform]."
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Available data types

GIS data is available for download in the Urban SDK Data Hub.

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Visitor Volume

Analyze hourly, daily, monthly visitor volume metrics.

Visitor Loyalty

Track visitor loyalty, popular destinations and events.

Visitor Persona

Understand visitor interests and demographics.

Traffic Counts

Hourly, daily and annual average vehicle traffic counts.

Visitor Journey

Report origin and destination for visits and trip purpose.

Foot Traffic

Pedestrian foot traffic for behavior and location trend analysis.


Points of interest, retail, schools, grocery, and more.

Land Use

Land use, zoning and parcel level details.


Population, demographic and socioeconomic information.


Monitor roadways, classification, level of service and conditions.


Track public transit ridership, access, revenue and assets.


Track major facility conditions, maintenance and reporting.

Our platform

Workspace is a modern data stack of offerings for today's data professionals the need more than just data.
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Automate business insights

A modern data stack to organize, visualize and present insights.

Visualize real-world trends

Customize charts, maps, and visualize big data easily.

Enrich your data

Append location data to your internal business data for smarter decisions.

Secure workspace

Manage your data transformation, storage and reporting in one place.

Enjoy better location analysis!

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