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Traffic Speed

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Hourly traffic speed data and metrics from vehicle telematic and GPS data sources on all your roads.
85% Percentile
95% Percentile
Average Speed
Speed Limits

Travel Time & Reliability

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Daily, Monthly travel time and reliability data with congestion metrics from vehicle telematic and GPS data sources on all your roads.
Travel Time
Travel Time Index
Planning Time Index
Peak Periods

Traffic Volume

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Expand permanent traffic counts with vehicle telematic and GPS data sources to map annual traffic volumes estimates on local roads.
Segment Volumes
Annual Comparisons

Road Inventory

DowNload SaMPLE
Global TMC based linear referencing to geocode road characteristics and inventory to improve accuracy.
Lane Segments
Custom Routes
Speed Limits
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Mapping foot traffic for retail decisions

urban sdk product image data reporting and map

Mapping transit ridership for mobility decisions

Mapping congestion for traffic ops decisions

Mapping land use for real estate decisions

Mapping demographics for planning decisions

Heat mapping for planning safer streets

Available datasets

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Passenger vehicles and truck travel speeds on roadways.

Travel Time

Average roadway travel times for road segment and route analysis.


Heavy congestion identification for roadway and route analysis.

Traffic Counts

Hourly, daily and annual average vehicle traffic counts.


Unique origin and destination trips for travel and commuting patterns.

Foot Traffic

Pedestrian foot traffic for behavior and location trend analysis.


Vehicle, bike and pedestrian crash heatmaps for safety analysis.

Crash Rates

Severe crash rates on major roadways for safety analysis.

Crash Risk

Predicted crash risk on major roadways to prevent crashes.


Local amenities like parking, businesses, retail, hotels and more.

Points of Interest

Major destinations, venues, tourist attractions, and more.


Population, race , age, income, health, accessibility, and more.


Available roadways, classifications and linear referencing.


Public transit locations, details and schedules.


Major facilities such as bridges, airports, power supplies and more

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