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Available insight reports

Insights reports are prescriptive automated reports based on
industry best practices and connected datasets.

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Analyze travel speeds and congestion on roadways.

Travel Time

Track roadway travel times for road segment and route analysis.


Measure heavy congestion across roadways and routes.

Traffic Counts

Hourly, daily and annual average vehicle traffic counts.


Report origin and destination for intermodal and commuting.

Foot Traffic

Pedestrian foot traffic for behavior and location trend analysis.


Vehicle, bike and pedestrian crash heatmaps for safety analysis.

Crash Rates

Severe crash rates on major roadways for safety analysis.

Crash Risk

Predicted crash risk on major roadways to prevent crashes.


Track annual vehicle emissions produced by congestion.


Analyze sea level rise and impact on roadways.


Uncover populations in greatest need of equitable services.


Monitor roadways, classification, level of service and conditions.


Track public transit ridership, access, revenue and assets.


Track major facility conditions, maintenance and reporting.

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