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Save time and money with Urban SDK's next-generation transportation planning software and location based data.
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Advanced analytics for MPOs

Empower modern transportation planning with software designed by MPOs for MPOs.

We provide a system of record to automate analysis and standardize connected vehicle data.

Cities can respond faster, with better data and the right analytics tools.

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Traffic solutions for smart cities

Our traffic management software delivers speeds and roadway characteristics on all your local roads.

Use Urban SDK to quickly respond to public speeding complaints, prioritize street safety, and measure the effectiveness of traffic calming measures.


Public Complaints

Faster response to speeding complaints.


Automatically identify at-risk roadways.

Road Safety Planning

Safety planning with speeds and crashes on one map.


Congestion Management

Monitor travel time reliability  with connected vehicle data.

Traffic analytics

One system of record to monitor your local roads

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Congestion Management Features

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85% Speed

Speed at or below 85 percent of drivers travel on the roadway segment.
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95% Speed

Speed at or below 95 percent of drivers travel on the roadway segment.
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Average Speed

The mean rate of speed on the roadway segment.
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Travel Time

The mean time of travel on the roadway segment in minutes.
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Planning Time

The ratio of the 95th percent peak period travel time to the free flow travel time.
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Lane Segments

Road geometry and characteristics like Speed Limit, Length, Functional Class.

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A modern data stack to organize, visualize and present insights.

Visualize real-world trends

Customize charts, maps, and visualize big data easily.

Enrich your data

Append location data to your internal business data for smarter decisions.

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