Optimize mobility with location data science.

Advanced data analytics platform for transportation planners, engineers and mobility organizations to make better decisions with connected vehicle and location data.


Experience the perks of insights and location data in one place

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Business intelligence

Modern tools for transportation professionals

Best Practices & Metrics
Our connect mobility analytics platform enables your team to instantly access national best practices and analysis.
Streaming datasets
Our integrate data exchange provides reliable access to mobility data like speeds, traffic counts, transit, incidents, weather and more.
Analysis Templates
We provide off the shelf analysis templates for dashboards, maps, and data analysis to reduce your team's bandwidth constraints.
Automate Reporting
Quickly replace manual monthly performance reporting with automation to share, print or export more insights in less time.
Export Datasets
You have the ability to easily export data from any report or directly from a data warehouse.
Data management and backup
We provide data archiving, nightly backup and redundancy in the cloud so you do not need to manage your own data centers.

Get answers, faster

Our platform minimizes your work efforts and outsourcing requirements by providing advanced analytics tools, data integration and customer support in one easy to use platform.

200+ performance measures

Make decisions faster and reporting easier with a library of mobility performance measures. Configure your own analytics dashboards in seconds.

25+ data connectors

Index real-time and historic data from ITS sensors, traffic signals, video cameras, mobile apps, and mobility industry leaders.

10+ basemaps

Visualize congestion, safety, mobility, population, and environment data geospatially in multiple maps without any additional licenses.

Live chat support

Need support? Our team is available via live chat, email, and phone for user support, training and onboarding.

How it works

Our intuitive tools and workflows help get your job done easier.

Set up a location

You can automate analysis and reporting for regions, counties, roadways, specific roads and segments. We'll only analyze and display information from your specific selections and you can edit any time.

Choose measures to track

Simply toggle on and off any measure you want to include on dashboards, maps, and data tables from our library.

Automate analysis and reporting

Once you have selected a location and analysis, your work is done. Our analytics will keep track and alert you of specific insights.

Visualize and optimize

Drill down into deep mobility insights to analyze specific characteristics, locations, or broader trends to address appropriate counter measures and optimization.

Modernizing the MPO

"Urban SDK provides us visibility and predictive intelligence to analyze local and regional roadways for road safety and better transportation services."

Jeff Sheffield, Executive Director


North Florida TPO now automates 200+ performance indicators.

Best in class mobility analytics

Speed, reliability, and travel times

We provide historic and live speed data for speed, travel time and reliability indicators.

  •   Current speeds
  •   Average travel speed percentiles
  •   Travel time reliability
  •   On time arrival and performance
  •   Congestion and bottlenecks
  •   Level of service
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Safety, crashes and risk probability

Index historical and monthly crashes and incidents to predict safety hotspots.

  •   Crash location probabilities
  •   Incident and safety hotspots
  •   Response and clearance time
  •   Crash, fatality and injury rate analysis
  •   Bike and pedestrian risk analysis
  •   Crash type, manner and location analysis
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Traffic counts, origin-destination and trips

We normalize historical and daily traffic count data for auto, commercial and ped indicators.

  •   Traffic counts
  •   AADT, ADT, and MDT
  •   Vehicle Miles Traveled
  •   Origin - Destination
  •   Truck, auto and micromobility trips
  •   Pedestrian footfall
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People, mobility, economics and housing

We provide regional datasets impacting mobility for congestion and travel mode preferences or needs.

  •   Population
  •   Demographics
  •   Commute preferences
  •   Land use and point of interests
  •   Mode preferences
  •   Income, education and workforce
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