Origin -Destination

Powerful data and analytics for transportation planners to index vehicle, bike, walking, and truck trip data for visualizing travel demand and quality indicators.


Daily travel demand and trip analytics

Index trips by origin, destination, and mode to track mobility daily.
Travel Demand
Quantify travel patterns by volume, zones, time, dates, speed, distance, and mode.
Automate quality of travel analysis with routes, purpose, and commute preferences.

Your big data toolkit

Travel demand data and analytics are included in our transportation operations, planning, and safety big data platform.

On-Demand Studies
Easily setup your own studies from a library of templates.
Performance Measures
Automate performance measure reporting dashboards.
Data Exporter
Quickly filter through a normalized index of regional datasets.
Chat Support
Live customer support, training and onboarding.
"Urban SDK provides us visibility and predictive intelligence to analyze local and regional roadways for road safety and better transportation services."
Jeff Sheffield, Executive Director
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