Urban SDK Advanced Training: Corridor Analysis

Jonathan Bass
November 16, 2023

Urban SDK provides users with a comprehensive tool that combines on-demand data Insights with granular corridor reporting. Here's a look at how you can leverage these features for your organization's corridor analysis.

The beauty of Urban SDK's platform is the instant ability for users to create granular studies using enriched data.

Planners in organizations across the country use Urban SDK to understand what is happening on their roads — from speeds to reliability measures to fatalities. They they turn this info around, in the same platform, to report to citizens and stakeholders in their communities.

During this training webinar our Customer Success Team shows how you can marry the data inside Urban SDK with our Location Builder tool to perform a corridor analysis.

Topics discussed include:

  • How to access and use Urban SDK's Location Builder tool
  • Extracting Speed and Reliability Insights for a corridor
  • Fatality reporting in a corridor
  • Use cases to get you up and running with these tools

Urban SDK Training | Corridor Analysis

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