Urban Planning Simplified: Introducing Urban SDK's Newest Enhancements

Urban SDK
November 16, 2023

Urban SDK has a new look. Here's what's new with your account.

Whenever asked about how we come up with new ideas, the answer is always the same: our customers.

It's been this way since Day 1.

Every organization with whom we partner provides a list of innovative ideas they know will help them better serve their communities.

With such an amazing collection of minds, our biggest challenge is organizing and implementing everything.

As such, the Urban SDK team has been hard at work evolving our product so it continues to deliver unparalleled value.

We have listened to your feedback, studied industry trends, and incorporated one-of-a kind features to bring you a platform that empowers you to achieve even greater efficiency and effectiveness in your work day.

With that said, let's dive into some of what's new in the platform.

Platform-Wide Enhancements

Navigation and Visual Enhancements

Our redesigned interface boasts a sleek and intuitive design, making it easier than ever to navigate the platform and access the information that matters most to you.

You will notice a new collapsible side-navigation with feature names now included rather than just icons.

There's also a new quick actions drop-down that will allow you to jump right into building a dashboard, map, or dataset.


Enjoy quicker navigation and workflows


New in-app notifications will alert you of the progress of dataset downloads, errors, product updates, and other items.

Notifications keep you up to date with your account

Workspace Enhancements

One of the most noticeable enhancements is to your Workspace. We’ve now made it even easier for you to organize all of your personal projects, along with those of your organization.


When you first log into the product, you'll now land on your homepage. As a new user this page will help you get onboarded. After that here is where you'll find your most recent and starred reports.

This homepage is a navigational starting point that will help orient everything you do inside your account. It shows recent projects, links to support documents, and provides guidance on creating more meaningful studies.

You can navigate anywhere in your account from Home.

Find recent and starred reports on your homepage

Personal Workspace

With your personal Workspace, you can now store all reports that you, specifically, are working on. This added layer of organization will prevent others from jumping into your work and will help you find your projects much quicker.

Ready to collaborate with team members? Perfect! You can move any report over to your organization’s Workspace.

Organization Workspace

This feature may feel more familiar. Projects in your organization’s Workspace can be accessed by anyone who is a part of your team.

Picture this as a large shared folder for your organization. It’s perfect to get a comprehensive view of everything your team has worked on, that is ready to be shared department-wide.

Custom Categories

Enjoy the ability can create a category for any report — Dashboard, Insights, Studio — in the platform. You can also use existing category settings.

After saving a category, you can filter all reports under that category in your Workspace.

This new enhancement is another step in helping organize all the reports in your account.

Create custom categories for any type of report — Dashboard, Insights, or Studio

Studio Enhancements

Data Wizard

We are thrilled to roll out Data Wizard, one of our most-requested features. 

With Data Wizard, you can now import your data from a variety of locations, right into a Studio map or Dashboard Builder. This means you no longer have to download data onto your desktop and then re-upload to your account. 

Drag and drop, or upload files, to import data from the following file types:

  • CSV
  • SHP
  • ZIP 

Import data from a URL by copy/pasting a URL that contains data in any of the following formats:

  • XLSX 
  • CSV
  • JSON
  • GeoJSON
  • Shapefile

Have you downloaded a dataset from Data Hub? Or are you currently storing files in your Data Hub? Import directly into a Studio map, from Data Hub, without ever clicking out of the platform.

Import data with ease, using Data Wizard

Dashboard Enhancements

You’ve helped us develop the most successful performance reporting dashboards in the market, and we’re proud to have made them even better for you and your community.

Public Portfolio

What was once known as your “Public Dashboard” is now your “Public Portfolio.”

Outside of the name change, the functionality is the same. Your Public Portfolio is any report that you have created and shared via a public embed or URL.

 Legends on All Maps

Along with Data Wizard, the addition of legends to all maps was our most-requested feature.

When creating dashboards in Dashboard Builder you can have both a map and a dashboard open. Now, all your maps have a legend explaining the finer details visually, while also having a dashboard open next to it.

Stay up to date with Urban SDK and learn more about how our platform simplifies the urban planning process — contact our team here.

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