Webinar: How Mobile Data Is Transforming Traffic Analysis and Management

Urban SDK
November 16, 2023

This webinar shares how transportation planners can make smarter mobility decisions by using mobile sensor, connected vehicles and mobile app insights.

Today's mobility decision maker needs better, more accurate counts to act more confidently. Data from mobile sensor technology from autos (about 20% of all cars), commercial fleets (up to 40% of long-haul trucks), and smartphones from vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, and public transit riders can provide daily insights.

Urban SDK's product helps planners and engineer leverage massive new data streams to quickly create day, monthly, and annual analysis of critical traffic data through charts, graphs, maps and forecasted scenarios. 

Through case studies and expert commentary you’ll learn how planners and engineers can use new big data tools to gain insights that transform prioritization and decision-making. 

Covered in this webinar on transportation data

• Case studies on impact, historical roadway, project prioritization, rural traffic, and unplanned closure analysis

• How big data informs decision-making around traffic and parking operations and infrastructure planning

• What transportation experts say about new data gathering techniques and tools and their role with loops, side-fire radar, and other traditional methods

Looking for new ways to use big data in your decision making process? Reach out to our team and get a complimentary traffic count comparison.

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