MetroPlan Orlando
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Data Platform for Performance Monitoring

MetroPlan Orlando

Project Overview

By utilizing Urban SDK’s platform, MetroPlan Orlando has been able to aggregate data; configure, automate, and publish performance measures dashboards and maps; embed scorecards and annotations for interactive public communication in any website; and manage a data warehouse for regional partners. In contracting Urban SDK, MetroPlan Orlando increased its efficiency, accuracy, and reporting capabilities by leveraging a larger collection of data.

Using Urban SDK’s platform has enabled the MetroPlan team to conduct more thorough studies of the Greater Orlando Area — including speed and reliability reporting, and crash analysis. The data presented and consolidated by Urban SDK has helped officials make data-driven decisions and identify planning priorities within the planning area. MetroPlan Orlando has also utilized Urban SDK to publish dynamic maps and dashboards to public-facing sites. This has helped officials tell their story to constituents and showcase travel patterns throughout Central Florida.


Safety Measurements

Monitoring safety measures throughout the region

Travel patterns

Tracking speed and reliability measures

Thorough road analysis

Performing granular analysis on state roads, arterials, and connectors

Data implementation

Implementing more big data to complement current FDOT data

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