North Florida TPO
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Regional Data Exchange

North Florida TPO

Project Overview

Until recently, North Florida TPO relied on manual processes to collect and manage the data needed to develop the Congestion Management Process. Offering a solution, Urban SDK was able to automate more than 200 performance indicators for North Florida TPO. This enabled the organization to review, share, and update its Congestion Management Process instantly.

Additionally, the organization now has a regional mobility data warehouse that can be used to share data for study, analysis, or
long-term planning. It includes an easy-to-use dashboard to help users quickly understand data that can help aid in congestion
management. By automatically integrating data, the platform eliminates the problems that used to arise when various partners
would leverage different data sources and produce inconsistent results.


Data organization

Index historical and real-time data on a single platform

Data visualization

Visualize data on interactive maps, graphs, and scorecards

Reliable sourcing

Provide reliable warehouse of regional mobility data

Improve reporting

Create a dynamic Congestion Management Process (CMP)

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