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Real-Time Data Analysis

Palm Beach TPA

Project Overview

Palm Beach TPA subcontracted Urban SDK to automate a corridor analysis, data collection, and data sharing API for its Okeechobee Blvd and SR 7 corridor. Doing so enabled the planning agency to instantly discover corridor conditions and needs relating to safety, persons movement from all modes, and general demographic/development conditions of the surrounding area.

In working with Palm Beach TPA, Urban SDK created a dashboard that allowed quick summation of corridor needs. The dashboard
provided insight to common planning products produced by the TPA, including safety analysis, speed limit analysis that includes 85th percentile speed, congestion mitigation, lane repurposing candidates, travel patterns, and common socioeconomic data important to transportation. As a result, TPA officials spent less time gathering data and more on stakeholder visioning and transportation planning. to track incidents by location, volume, incident type(s), date or time period.


Travel patterns

Origin-destination, inflow, and outflow, bike and pedestrian movements

Safety reporting

Crashes by mode, type, severity, and age; predictive forecasts; incident management duration

Vehicle data

Traffic counts, turn counts, truck counts, travel time reliability, LOS of roadways and intersections, including bottlenecks

Demographics visualization

Population and employment, race and ethnicity, households without automobiles, poverty, mode choice splits

Demographics visualization

Food deserts, diagnosed with diabetes by age group, asthma rates by age group, depression, high blood pressure/hypertension

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