Spartanburg Area Transportation Study
Case Study

Data-Based Transportation Planning Decisions and Economic Development

Spartanburg Area Transportation Study

Project Overview

Urban SDK collaborated with Spartanburg Area Transportation Study (SPATS) to provide planning dashboards with access to real-time data – including information captured by regional traffic cameras and cell towers overlayed over simpler data points, like weather information. Using this dashboard, SPATS was able to evaluate data and use the platform's predictive analytics to make critical transportation planning decisions and ensure that those decisions align with the goals of the region's leaders and constituents.

Through this partnership, SPATS has used data analytics to analyze land use, improve regional freight planning, study changes in behavior due to COVID-19, and determine the necessity of policy changes for trails and connecting networks. This has ensured that all transportation planning decisions best serve the region's constituents and promote development in the area.


Land-usage data analytics

Analyzing land use due to increased development, determining necessity of policy changes for trails and connecting network

Demographics data analytics

Studying changes in behavior due to COVID-19

Data integration

Implementing more big data to complement current SCDOT data

Data-driven planning

Improving regional freight planning and updating the organization’s
Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)

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