Traffic Calming

City of Arlington Taps Urban SDK to Address Congestion and Road Safety

Arlington will leverage Urban SDK’s traffic calming software to better address citizen concerns about road safety and congestion

Urban SDK Partners with Arlington

Urban SDK to provide traffic data and reporting software to the City of Arlington, Texas to help with traffic calming initiatives.

The City of Arlington, Texas has selected Urban SDK to help address citywide congestion and safety concerns. Based out of Jacksonville, Florida, Urban SDK provides a software platform that enables cities to monitor the safety of their roadways and make faster planning decisions about at-risk roadways. 

“Road safety has become an epidemic across our country,” said Urban SDK Co-founder and COO, Justin Dennis. “And we’ve seen that cities really are in need of a better way to monitor their local roads — with data and tools that are readily accessible — so they can make their streets safer.”

By using Urban SDK, Arlington officials will be better equipped to respond to citizen concerns and prioritize traffic safety improvements. Urban SDK’s reporting dashboards will allow officials to more readily show safety and congestion trends to public and internal stakeholders.

“We’re thrilled to be working with the City of Arlington,” said Dennis. “North Texas is the fastest growing metro area in the nation, which brings a unique set of infrastructure challenges. Our team is happy to provide officials with a platform that will enable them to meet these challenges head-on.”

About Urban SDK

Urban SDK provides State and Local Governments with a transportation system of record to monitor roadways and act more efficiently. Our software delivers speed and safety data on all local roadways, which helps officials quickly respond to public concerns, diagnose and prioritize at-risk roadways, measure the effectiveness of traffic calming initiatives, and then share their findings with citizens and councilmembers.