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WATCH: Reporting to Council with Urban SDK

How Urban SDK can be used to quickly report to councilmembers and concerned citizens.

Webinar overview | Reporting to council

In this webinar we go over how Urban SDK can be used to quickly report studies and analysis to councilmembers and concerned citizens.

By using Urban SDK's traffic management software, you can explain the complexities of your job in a way that helps councilmembers understand the progress being made on the roadways in your community.

What you will learn in this webinar

We cover ways you can use Urban SDK to create reports, share findings, and even publish findings on your organization's website, with a Q&A at the end of the training session.

Use cases covered in this training webinar include:

  • Providing an overall diagnostic as to how safe your community is
  • How to respond to the council/commissions in an expedited time frame
  • Explaining transportation related issues on a level everyone can explain
  • Saving reports and making them publicly available

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Transcription of the webinar

My name is Andrew Larter. I'm senior transportation planner here at Urban SDK. My background is in consulting transportation engineering, so I've been in many of your shoes before with a lot of projects, and obviously one of the most critical aspects of any project that deals with public infrastructure is presenting appropriately as stakeholders.

Now, that could be council members, that could be public works officials, that could be members of the public. Ultimately our job here relating to public infrastructure is something that touches essentially everyone who uses the road network or the trail network or the transit network.

So the list of stakeholders is often long and we're here today to sort of dive a little bit further into how our platform can be used to communicate with those individuals.

In essence, we want to discuss today how you can use Urban SDK to explain all the work that you do.

Your work's obviously important. We serve the community. We make roads safer. Um, and you're shaping the present and the future of the place that you and your family and your community all live. But, as we all know, what, uh, this business is about is quite complicated, typically. When explaining the minutiae of data, the day to day, uh, it can be challenging.

And when speaking with people who don't really understand or are not familiar with the world of traffic engineering, throwing out phrases like 85th percentile speed with no context or not being able to visualize what we're talking about can sometimes leave stakeholders confused and when there's confusion, sometimes it reduces buy in to the solutions that we're proposing.

So knowing this, Urban SDK has created several ways for you to make it easy to distill your accomplishments into more conversational or consumable, uh, talking conversation points. So today we're going to go over a few different aspects of the platform that can help you with communicating to stakeholders and to council members.

So with all that preamble out of the way, let's dive into the platform.