Road Safety

WATCH: Add Crash Data to Speed and Safety Reports

Advanced training webinar on how to add crash data to your speed and safety reports in Urban SDK

Webinar overview | Add crash locations to Insights reports

In this webinar we cover how you can now upload crash data into your Urban SDK account and layer it on top of speed reports.

Doing so gives you an added layer of information as to the state of your roadways. Now you have the ability to create safety reports more quickly, and draw a faster correlation between roadway speeds and collisions.

What you will learn in this webinar

During this webinar you will learn how to upload your crash data into your account, access the data when needed, and create quick create reports when called upon by concerned citizens and councilmembers.

Use cases covered in this training webinar include:

  • How this update immediately helps you, and why we added this feature
  • Quickly mapping crashes and traffic events
  • Using speed and crash data to better understand hot spots on your roads
  • How to get further training for your team, if needed

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Transcription of the webinar

If this is your first of our webinar series, my name is Andrew Larter. I'm senior transportation planner here at Urban SDK. I'm a former transportation engineering consultant myself, and I've had a I've been a former customer of Urban SDK as well.

So with a lot of these different webinars, you've probably come to hear how I've been in your shoes in a lot of different cases. So it's exciting to me personally, to be able to present our new features to you. So Urban SDK as a firm is a company that has always been driven. Our evolution has always been driven by our customers.

And this crash integration tool that we're going to be demonstrating to you today is the latest example of our product growing to meet. Your needs um as we've met with our customers over time We've been really been impressed or it's really been impressed upon us rather Uh how valuable it is to have readily accessible crash or collision data Now this is something that we've covered in previous webinars as well where we showed you how to layer

Speed data from our insights product with your own collision data on top of one another in our studio product But today we're going to go a little bit deeper and showcase one of our new tools previously you can store Collision data in your data hub, and you could load it in studio, but that was in some ways too many steps.

Candidly speaking, it was a little bit cumbersome to run a speed report and insights and export your findings over to another part of the platform. So now you can access crash data right within your insights platform itself. Layer that data over any reports you're building there. You can see it without having to load it in from a separate source, um, giving you that added measure of visibility into your roadways.

And now, before I get too far, when I say without adding it from a separate source, I want to be sure to note that we are not, uh, we at Urban SDK, we are not providing this crash data. This is crash data that would be provided by, you know, any number of, uh, sources. That is a little work up front for you and uploading the file yourself because crash data can come from a lot of different sources.

It can come from a state department of transportation. It can come from a local police department. Um, but we're going to go through this in today's webinar to show you how you can take the crash data that you yourself have integrated into our platform. And then from this point onwards, once it's integrated, it'll show up automatically in your platform for whatever insights reports are running after this webinar.

So what's the value of doing that? Well, for those of you who've been running safety reports with our insights tool, life just got a lot easier. Uh, and for those of you who aren't, well hopefully today's demonstration will show you how quickly and easily you can start correlating road speeds to a crash site or a hotspot.

Um, and before I get into the demo, I just want to thank everyone who suggested this enhancement. Uh, it's truly made for a smoother experience within our platform. And I'm seeing that both as a former customer as well as currently a team member. Uh, and on that note, if you ever have any ideas for features or tools within our platform, Please always feel free to let us know.

Like I said earlier, Urban SDK is a company who's been really driven. Our evolution has been driven by consulting with our customers. Um, we always want to make for ways that look for ways to make your lives easier, but at the same time, make our platform work for you and provide value for you. So with all that said, let's jump into the product, check out this new feature and go through the steps of creating a crash integration, uploading our data into insights.