Road Safety

Real-Time Predictive Analysis of Traffic Incidents

Urban SDK provided Florida Highway Patrol the ability to visualize trends and forecasts crashes for efficient traffic incident management

Project Overview

Today the transportation and safety ecosystem is widely disconnected between facilities, devices, systems, agencies, and vendors creating complex data silos. Urban SDK has provided FHP the ability to configure Performance Measurement Dashboards to visualize trends and predictive forecasts of reaching performance goals.

The data presented and consolidated by Urban SDK helped to calculate areas outside of response time performance requirements based on available resources and travel time reliability. FHP was also able to visualize areas of concern based on multiple layers of traffic incident, crime, and other relevant data. Additionally, troopers were given access to performance measures, data visualization, and predictive modeling tools to suggest trip durations for appropriate response times.

florida highway patrol

Scope of Services

Data visualization

Visualize, track, predict, ongoing troop performance measures.

Predictive analytics

Programmatically suggest geographic positioning to reduce response times

Incident tracking

Index historic traffic patterns, incidents, and troop response times per incident

Systems integration

Provide analytics tools and integrations for internal and cross-division data sharing