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Okaloosa County Becomes Urban SDK's Latest Florida Partner

Okaloosa County leverages Urban SDK to address public concerns

Okaloosa County leverages Urban SDK to address public concerns

Urban SDK Partners With Okaloosa County

Urban SDK is excited to announce its partnership with Okaloosa County, Florida.

Nestled along the stunning Emerald Coast of Florida, Okaloosa County is renowned for its pristine beaches, vibrant communities, and commitment to progress. Through its partnership with Urban SDK, Okaloosa County aims to harness data-driven insights and innovative solutions to address key challenges facing the region, from urban mobility to public safety.

"We're proud to announce that Okaloosa is now a valued customer of Urban SDK," said Urban SDK's Ross Loehr. "We've talked with [County Engineer] Scott [Bitterman] for a while now, and are thrilled to bring him aboard and help him with all the great work he's doing up in the Panhandle."

By leveraging Urban SDK, Okaloosa will have access to traffic speeds, AADT, and VMT on all local roads in the county. This access will enable officials to perform more comprehensive speed and safety studies.

Oklahoosa now joins 30+ government organizations in the state of Florida who use Urban SDK — including state agencies like FDOT; counties like Miami-Dade and Seminole; and fellow Panhandle org CRTPA.

"Being headquartered in Jacksonville, it's always special when we bring on a new Florida customer," added Loehr. "We have such a foothold in the state, that they're walking right into a supportive community."

About Urban SDK

Urban SDK provides State and Local Governments with a transportation system of record to monitor roadways and act more efficiently. Our software delivers speed and safety data on all local roadways, which helps officials quickly respond to public concerns, diagnose and prioritize at-risk roadways, measure the effectiveness of traffic calming initiatives, and then share their findings with citizens and councilmembers.