Transportation Planning

Trip Analysis in Bradenton, Florida

Using Urban SDK to track special event trip distribution data during weekdays and weekends, as well as game days and non-game days.


This study summarizes Trips (Origin-Destination) analysis data between March and September 2022 for the LECOM Field complex within the boundaries of Florida's Sarasota-Manatee MPO, more specifically in the city of Bradenton. This report compares trip distribution data during weekdays and weekends, as well as game days and non-game days.

Sarasota-Manatee MPO officials used Urban SDK to understand travel trends around the LECOM field complex to understand potential Complete Streets opportunities.

By comparing trips (Origin-Destination) data for the LECOM field site in Bradenton, Florida, for a sample of days between March-September 2022 on weekdays and weekends with and without baseball games, Urban SDK's Planning Team was able to determine what measures would be good for the city.

trip distribution LECOM Park


Data Collection  

To generate origin-destination trends, Urban SDK leveraged mobile location-based services (LBS) data. Raw LBS data consists of large datasets of ‘observations’ of unique, anonymized mobile device IDs (abbreviated as ‘MAIDs’), each containing the timestamp and geographic coordinates (in latitude and longitude) at which the MAID was observed. As the owners of mobile devices make trips across a geographic area throughout the course of their day, mobile observations of their MAIDs are repeatedly generated.

Data Processing

Urban SDK obtains datasets of MAID observations over a large geographic area and applies an algorithm to this data to trace trips made at a population level across a typical day, thus producing origin-destination data, before aggregating this data. In this study, data was aggregated to the Census Tract level, with origin-destination trends being examined for trips to and from the Census Tract containing LECOM Park.

trip distribution LECOM Park


Daily trip distributions were compared between weekdays, weekends, and days with and without games at LECOM Field. The bulk of demand to the site is from Manatee County accounting for ~79% of daily trip samples to the site.

There is also a clear trend between game days and non-game days with game days seeing slightly more external demand compared to non-game days. These trips are primarily coming from Sarasota, Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Orange counties which account for ~18% of daily trips.

Trips to the region ranged from as far away as Gainesville and the Miami area.

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