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Urban SDK Partners with Pinellas Park, Florida to Address Public Speeding Complaints

Pinellas Park leverages Urban SDK to ensure safer roadways for all residents.

Pinellas Park leverages Urban SDK to ensure safer roadways for all residents.

Urban SDK Partners With Pinellas Park

Urban SDK, a leading provider of traffic management software, is pleased to announce its newest partnership with the city of Pinellas Park, Florida. This collaboration aims to address and manage public speeding complaints more effectively.

"We are thrilled to welcome Pinellas Park to the Urban SDK family," said Micah Dickman, AVP of Revenue at Urban SDK. "With our data-driven solutions, the city can now proactively identify and address speeding issues, ensuring safer roadways for all residents."

Pinellas Park has become the third organization in Pinellas County to implement Urban SDK’s technology, joining the ranks of Pinellas County and the City of Gulfport. This partnership also marks Urban SDK’s expansion to over 35 organizations across Florida, underscoring its growing presence and impact in the state — earlier this month, Urban SDK announced a strategic partnership with the University of Florida to expand its I-STREETTM Program.

The implementation of Urban SDK’s traffic management software will empower officials to respond to speeding concerns in real-time. By leveraging comprehensive roadway data, the city can identify high-risk areas and deploy appropriate measures to enhance traffic safety.

"Between the power of our platform and our deep Florida roots, Urban SDK is well-positioned to support Pinellas Park in its commitment to road safety and effective traffic management," added Dickman.

Urban SDK continues to support a wide range of municipalities in Florida, providing state and local governments with the tools they need to monitor roadways, respond to public concerns, and implement traffic calming initiatives. The partnership with Pinellas Park further solidifies Urban SDK’s mission to create safer, more efficient transportation systems across the country and in its home state of Florida.

About Urban SDK

Urban SDK provides State and Local Governments with a transportation system of record to monitor roadways and act more efficiently. Their software delivers speed and safety data on all local roadways, which helps officials quickly respond to public concerns, diagnose and prioritize at-risk roadways, measure the effectiveness of traffic calming initiatives, and then share their findings with citizens and council members.

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