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November 16, 2023

We're excited to announce the second release of Traffic SDK! As apart of our release, you can access real-time speed, traffic crashes and pedestrian crossing data to configure real-time performance measures for any road.

Over the last three months our team developed enhancements to our next generation mobility analytics tools specifically with Florida Department of Transportation District 2 to help real-time traffic ops, urban planning, transportation and first responders.

Get started with Traffic SDK

Create, organize and publish performance measure and real-time analysis to get answers to your questions faster.

Our performance based dashboards lets you analyze any major road in a matter of minutes. You can automatically create performance measures dashboards to answer common questions, and quickly keep track of your most important trends across multiple datasets. You can easily create dashboards, share them with anyone you want to add to UrbanCore, and track real-time and historical trends across speed, safety, reliability, and other important measures.

  • A real-time performance measures system: Quickly access pre-configured corridor analysis measures and datasets for any major road in the state.
  • Flexibility and control: You can create your own dashboards for any county, road or road type, and select your own analysis segments.
  • Intuitive data views: We've visualized data from multiple datasets to display real-time and historical performance measures in our data views.
  • Streamlined datasets: We've streamlined the most important datasets for transportation analysis, operations, and performance based planning

Streamline real-time data

Transportation operations is quickly advancing well beyond ITS. Operations professionals need to monitor, track, report and playback traffic speed and events from lidar, telematics, signals, bluetooth sensors, gps, weather, connected vehicles and traffic incident reporting systems.

We integrated leading real-time and connect mobility data sources and defined a common data-model to streamline data management for visualization, long term storage, and third-party developer access.

  • Big screen visualization: Dataviews allow you to track and explore real time performance measures on the big screen
  • Real world playback: Playback enables you to rewind real world events to spot indicators and analyze trends hour by hour with a simple scroll bar.
  • Analyze map data: Dataviews are our granular geospatial data analysis tools for you to review, compare, and analyze your most important trends.
  • Developer API: TrafficSDK offers a developer API beta for directly connecting to a streamlined data specification and feed

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About us

Urban SDK, a Techstars company, provides mobility intelligence for smarter cities. Urban SDK connects public agencies, policy makers, and the community with better data to make more informed policy and budgeting decisions. We enable customers to quickly gather, analyze, and visualize performance indicators to make decisions with a higher degree of confidence.

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