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Transportation Planning

Urban SDK Unveils Delay Data, Route-Building Capabilities

Urban SDK has released a new suite of products that further enhance its traffic management software.

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Road Safety

NEW: Add Crash Layer in Insights Reports

You can now upload crash data and layer it onto Insights reports inside your Urban SDK account.

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Transportation Planning

Hurricane Ian Evacuation Analysis

Evaluation of evacuation trends prior to and Hurricane Ian's landfall in September 2022

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Traffic solutions for smart cities

Our traffic management software delivers speeds and roadway characteristics on all your local roads.

Use Urban SDK to quickly respond to public speeding complaints, prioritize street safety, and measure the effectiveness of traffic calming measures.


Public Complaints

Faster response to speeding complaints.


Automatically identify at-risk roadways.

Road Safety Planning

Safety planning with speeds and crashes on one map.


Congestion Management

Monitor travel time reliability  with connected vehicle data.

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