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City of Mansfield to Transform Traffic Calming Landscape with Urban SDK

Urban SDK Partners with Mansfield

Urban SDK and City of Mansfield, Texas, Forge Innovative Partnership to Redefine Traffic Calming in the Region

The City of Mansfield, Texas, has tabbed Urban SDK to help officials with their traffic calming efforts and facilitating smart growth.

As the 5th-fastest growing community in North Texas, Mansfield officials are under the strain of accommodating a population boom, while also keeping the roads safe for new residents. In talking with Urban SDK, they discussed a preference to not add speed bumps and speed tables whenever they can help it.

The city will use Urban SDK to monitor speeding complaints of concerned residents, helping prioritize areas that need calming and determining methods outside of tables and bumps. Further, officials can use Urban SDK's traffic management software to measure the impact radius of implemented calming solutions to determine their impact on surrounding roads.

"This is a fantastic partnership. It's been a real team effort — from Public Works to Law Enforcement — to help serve the community of Mansfield," said Urban SDK's Ross Loehr. "With growth comes new challenges, and the city is really working hard to provide safer roads with as little disruption as possible. We love being able to work with such a great group."

Along with Mansfield, Urban SDK is also being utilized by neighboring Arlington and Irving to address congestion and road safety, as communities around the DFW Metroplex have sought innovative ways to promote smart growth.

About Urban SDK

Urban SDK provides State and Local Governments with a transportation system of record to monitor roadways and act more efficiently. Our software delivers speed and safety data on all local roadways, which helps officials quickly respond to public concerns, diagnose and prioritize at-risk roadways, measure the effectiveness of traffic calming initiatives, and then share their findings with citizens and councilmembers.