Traffic Calming

Urban SDK Partners with City of Ontario, California to Improve Road Safety and Traffic Calming Measures

Ontario to use Urban SDK to help with traffic calming and setting speed limits in the city.

Ontario to use Urban SDK to help with traffic calming and setting speed limits in the city.

Urban SDK Partners With Ontario

Urban SDK is proud to announce a new partnership with the City of Ontario, California, to address public speeding complaints and improve traffic safety across the city. This collaboration will leverage Urban SDK’s advanced data analytics and visualization platform to streamline traffic calming requests and provide data-driven insights for setting appropriate speed limits.

Urban SDK's Ross Loehr expressed enthusiasm for the partnership: "We are excited to work with the City of Ontario to enhance their traffic safety initiatives. Our platform is designed to empower cities with the data and tools they need to make smarter, safer decisions for their communities."

Key Benefits of the Partnership:

  • Streamlined Traffic Calming Requests: Urban SDK’s platform will simplify the process for residents to submit and track traffic calming requests, ensuring timely responses and actions.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: By utilizing data provided by Urban SDK, city officials can make informed decisions about speed limit settings and other traffic safety measures, tailored to the specific needs of Ontario’s roads.
  • Enhanced Community Safety: The insights provided by Urban SDK’s platform will lead to more effective traffic management, contributing to safer streets for all residents.

The City of Ontario joins a growing list of California organizations, including El Cajon, Tulare County, Santa Cruz, and Bakersfield, that have partnered with Urban SDK to utilize cutting-edge technology for improving traffic management and safety. This collaboration marks another step forward in Urban SDK’s mission to support cities in creating safer, more efficient urban environments.

About Urban SDK

Urban SDK provides state and local governments with a transportation system of record to monitor roadways and act more efficiently. Their software delivers speed and safety data on all local roadways, helping officials quickly respond to public concerns, diagnose and prioritize at-risk roadways, measure the effectiveness of traffic calming initiatives, and then share their findings with citizens and councilmembers.

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