North Florida TPO Taps into Urban SDK to Modernize Data Collection and Analytics for Transportation Planning

Urban SDK
November 16, 2023

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Urban SDK, a connected mobility and safety analytics platform empowering cities to address their emerging needs for big data analysis, automation and predictive insights, today announces its partnership with the North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) to help the agency modernize data collection and analytics. The planning organization will use Urban SDK’s platform to create a more synergistic approach to transportation planning and to more effectively understand the performance measures set forth by the government.

Urban SDK provides planning organizations and departments of transportation (DOTs) across the United States with real-time data – ranging from weather to information captured by regional traffic cameras and cell towers – in one organized and easy-to-understand dashboard. From this dashboard, planners can evaluate data and use the platform's predictive analytics to make transportation planning decisions and assess and report performance metrics to the public.

"Our goal is to continue bringing the concept of a smart city from dream to reality right here in North Florida, but you can’t build smart cities with paper and spreadsheets. Urban SDK’s technology is modernizing the planning sector in a way that helps us ultimately maintain citizen safety and decrease cost and commute times across our transportation system,” said Jeff Sheffield, executive director of the North Florida TPO. “Urban SDK’s platform is allowing us to better understand our performance measures, establish clear priorities and make data-driven decisions. The company’s entire approach to technology, along with its customer service, stands out from other players in this space.”

Planning and transportation agencies throughout the country have unique data and reporting needs that Urban SDK can integrate into its platform and share with its entire client roster. This ultimately provides the SaaS company's clientele with the most dynamic data and reporting features. The platform also gives insight into how agencies throughout the country are reporting data to its constituents, therefore encouraging continued innovation.

"We know each planning organization has specific needs, and our team is prepared to work with our clients to build additional widgets and products to improve and streamline dynamic data reporting," said Drew Messer, CEO and co-founder of Urban SDK. "The public sector is trying to adjust to operating like the private sector, and, as a SaaS company dedicated to innovation, we can work together organically as we figure out how to best modernize government entities."

The efficiency of the platform allows government agencies to shift more funding toward planning studies, which allows planners to gather more resources required to create cities that best serve the current needs of its residents.

The company recently announced the launch of its industry-first public reporting dashboard to further breakdown government barriers utilizing transparent data sharing tools. It also announced its collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Urban SDK is well-positioned to provide state and local government agencies across the United States with the necessary tools to plan the future's interconnected cities. For more information, visit

About Urban SDK

Urban SDK is a next-generation smart mobility platform connecting city and transportation planners to the reliable data sources they need to accelerate mobility intelligence, improve decision quality and unlock a higher quality of life for communities.

The platform enables unlimited data integrations of real-time data sources, geo-spatial analytics, workflow automation and predictive intelligence on a singular, manageable platform. It also combines leading data collection practices with performance measurement analytics to better inform decision-makers within local and state governments as they evaluate policy and projects to improve infrastructure.

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