Platform Updates - June 2022

Jonathan Bass
November 16, 2023

New product enhancements, features, and updates from Urban SDK for June 2022.

June's software enhancement — Release 1.2.2 as our Engineering Team likes to call it — has launched, and it is packed with a some game-changers that will make your Urban SDK experience even more enjoyable.

Below are enhancements we've made to our platform, along with a few bug fixes.

Let’s dive in.


The biggest change you'll notice is a wrench icon in your side panel. It contains a new collection of tools for users to access.

This area will house specialized features that enable all Urban SDK customers build dashboards, datasets, routes, and more.

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A new collection of tools for users to access

Location Builder**

The Location Builder enables you to create routes which can be filterable in Insights.

With Location Builder you can draw a polygon around a specified region. The polygon will cover up to 35 square miles.

You can also draw a straight line for corridor analysis and more granular Insights.

Both the corridor line and polygon deliver Insights for road classifications 1 through 3.

**This feature is still an Alpha; however it is available to users while our team refines it

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More detailed corridor analysis using Location Builder

Dataset Builder

This new tool enables you to build datasets from to use for analysis.

If that sounds familiar, that's good!

In essence, this is a shortcut to your Data Hub collection.

Now, rather than going through Data Hub to create a dataset, you can use Dataset Builder. That said, you can still go through Data Hub, if that's your preference — this just saves you a few clicks.

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One more way for you to build custom datasets in Urban SDK

Open Data

Get a faster start on your new report using these open data templates.

Click a template — say, traffic signal locations in your state — and away you go.

You can also filter by category — mobility, infrastructure, etc. — and by locations popular with other Urban SDK customers.

Less time spent uploading data, less time spent working on color palettes, more time digging into your analysis.

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Open Data map templates help you jump into reports

Data Hub

Location Management

Now it's a little easier to manage your locations in Data Hub — this also goes for locations that have been created in Location Builder.

Use the search bar to find existing locations, or "favorite" locations that you will frequently use.

This should provide you with one more way to keep all your data organized and easily accessible.

Manage your locations in Data Hub

Insights and ​Studio

New Base Map

We're really excited about the newest base map.

Titled "Transportation Planning," this new map showcases the following labels:

  • Roads
  • Buildings
  • Water

This crisp base map is available in both Studio and Insights, and will really make your reports pop.

A crisp new base map for your Insights and Studio reports

Bug Fixes

Below is a catalog of the bugs we fixed during this release:

  • Fixed a bug causing Data Hub to give a no data message
  • Fixed a bug causing a 500 (INTERNAL SERVER ERROR) when trying to filter Speed and Reliability by Facility Type and Date Range

Have an enhancement request? Drop our team a note here.

Interested in exploring more of our software? You can reach our Sales team here.

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